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In-Person Early Voting Info for the September 1st Primary Election:

South Hadley’s In-Person Early Voting will take place at the South Hadley Public Library during the following hours:

  • Saturday, August 22: 9 AM - 1 PM
  • Monday, August 24 - Wednesday, August 26: 10 AM - 2 PM
  • Thursday, August 27: 3 PM - 7 PM
  • Friday, August 28 - Saturday, August 29: 10 AM - 2 PM

South Hadley’s Town Clerk, in compliance with legislation recently passed by the Massachusetts Legislature, and implemented by the Massachusetts Secretary of State, is announcing the following:

  • All registered voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will have the ability to vote safely in the upcoming September 1 Primary Election and the November 3 Federal Election;

  • Every voter already registered in Massachusetts will receive a Vote-by-Mail Application.  Such applications will be mailed to each registered voter on July 15, 2020.  Those registered voters who do not receive the application by July 22 should contact South Hadley’s Town Clerk, Carlene Hamlin by telephone 538-5017, ext. 115; or by email

  • Those residents of South Hadley who are not already registered can do so up to 10 days prior to each election.  The deadline for registering before the September Primary Election is Saturday, August 22, and the deadline to register before the November Federal Election is Saturday, October 24;  

  • More information will be forthcoming regarding Mail-In Ballot applications and the safe voting procedures being implemented for Early Voting and Election Day voting.  A series of programs is being presented throughout the summer on South Hadley’s Public Access TV Channel 15:

    • Your choices for voting safely during the pandemic.  Mail-In Ballot Applications. 

    • Completing the Mail-In Ballot Application and other options for voting.  

    • Introduction to Early Voting.  Recap of key points and dates.

    • Safe voting details for Early Voting.  Introduction to changes for Election Day voting.

    • Safe voting details for Election Day voting. 

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Description & Mission of the Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the communication spokesperson to and for the local citizenry. The Clerk's office is the first door of government accessed by individuals seeking information and resolution to issues and problems. The Clerk's office is deeply dedicated and involved in the community, offering patient and compassionate advice in a professional and personable manner.