Annual Town Census

Stand Up & Be Counted!

Take part in the 2023 Annual Town Census this coming January

South Hadley residents will receive the Annual Town Census form in the mail in January of each year.

Residents are urged to check the information contained on the form, make any necessary corrections or additions and, sign, date and return it to the Town Clerk’s Office in the enclosed envelope as soon as possible.

An accurate snapshot means that South Hadley receives the funding, services and business support we deserve and need and your responses are confidential. The Annual Town Census list is also used to track inactive voters. Answering the census ensures you maintain your active voter status. 

If moved and a registered voter, we must obtain the signature of the voter to change their address. Please, if possible have all registered voters that have moved sign the back of this form if indicating a new address.

You may return your census form in the return envelope provided and either drop in the drop box behind the South Hadley Police Station at 41 Bridge Street or place a stamp on the envelope and mail to Town Clerk, 116 Main Street, South Hadley, MA 01075

Please understand that the U.S. Post Office (USPS) may use alternate spellings of certain streets that differ from that which is in our census database. In this case, the company that produces the census is obliged to use the USPS spelling in addressing these forms. We are aware of these discrepancies and therefore, it is not necessary to correct the spelling of your street address.


The information should be current as of January 1st.  Please return your census form even if there are no changes or if you will be moving after January 1st.  Also, if you are a dog owner, you may use the dog registration form at the bottom of the census form or online to our website, Town Clerk page to relicense your dog. All dogs need to be registered annually. The registration period is January 1st – March 31st, a late fee applies after April 1st.

Anyone who does not receive a census form or moves into town after January should contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (413) 538-5030 ext 6183 so that we can send you a census form.  You may also print the attached census form. 

2022 blank census and dog registration form