Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs, installed for speed control, directional assistance, and safety are installed throughout Town, under MUTCD guidelines, and any alterations, including additional signs or removing of signs is not undertaken unless approved by the Town Sign Committee.

Road Markings

The painting of centerline and gutter-line road markings on all main roads throughout Town is performed (twice each year: May and October) by an outside contractor with services secured through the county bid list. All municipal parking lots, school and library parking lots, playgrounds, crosswalks and stop lines, town-wide, are performed from June through September, annually, by Department of Public Works (DPW) personnel.

Traffic Signals

The Town is responsible for maintenance and repairs to traffic control signals at the following locations:

  • Bridge Street and Main Street
  • Bridge Street and lamb Street,
  • Route 33 at Baker Street
  • Lathrop Street at Brainerd Street, Morgan Street at Mosier Street
  • Mosier School zone signs
  • Town Common signals and crosswalks
  • Route 116 at Morgan Street

Massachusetts Highway is responsible for maintenance and repairs at the following locations:

  • Route 202 at Route 33
  • Route 33 at Abbey Street
  • Route 116 at Mosier Street

Report a Problem
To report any problems involving traffic markings, signs, or traffic signals, please contact the
Department of Public Works Office
Phone: 413-538-5033
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

South Hadley Police Department
Phone: 413-538-8231
24 hours a day