Special Town Meeting

                                                      Special Town Meeting Nov. 20, 2019

Read the appendix for Draft Article 6, here.  Note the proposed language is on the left and attorney comments are on the right. 

ARTICLE 6. To see if the town will vote to establish a general bylaw to address earth removal and related actions, and to further describe jurisdictional oversight of said activity, as articulated in Appendix C, or take any action relative thereto.

More information to be added once the draft warrant is finalized. 

When are Special Town Meetings called?

Special Town Meetings may be called by the Selectboard when unexpected business arises which must be transacted by the elected representatives of the voters. Warrants must be posted 14 days before Special Town Meeting. If the warrant contains articles involving finance, a public hearing must be called by the Appropriations Committee not less than 5 days before the Special Town Meeting.


When a Special Town Meeting is being called, the Selectboard must include in the Warrant any article submitted to them as a formal petition signed by 100 voters. A Special Town Meeting must be called if the Selectboard are presented with a petition signed by 200 registered voters.