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Collector Treasurer

  1. Collector Request Form

    Use this form to request tax information from the Collector's Office.

  2. Tax Statement Request Form

    Use this form to request a paid tax statement from the Collector's Office.

  1. Parking Ticket Appeal

Police Department

  1. Commend an Officer

    Did a South Hadley Police employee your expectations? Please let us know! Use this form to send a message to the South Hadley Chief of... More…

  2. Rad Class Registration

    Registration for 2022 RAD classes

  3. Surveillance Camera Registry and Monitoring Program Form

    The South Hadley Police Department has developed a program which allows residents and business owners to voluntarily register the... More…

  1. Questions for the South Hadley Police Department

    Submit questions or inquiries to the South Hadley Police Department and the Police Access and Community Engagement (P.A.C.E.) Team

  2. Request for Police Record/Report

    Request form for records and reports

Public Information Requests

  1. Public Records Request Form

    All public records request will be responded to within ten (10) days after receipt of request. Responses may indicate further time is... More…

Town Meeting

  1. Town Meeting Questions & Comments

    Use this form to direct questions or comments to all Town Meeting members, or groups by precinct. All messages are subject to Town Spam... More…