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What is a revaluation?

A revaluation is an update of all assessments within the community conducted by the Board of Assessors under the direction of the Department of Revenue. The assessors of each community are responsible for developing a reasonable and realistic program to achieve the fair cash valuation of property in accordance with constitutional and statutory requirements. The nature and extent of that program will depend on the assessor's analysis and consideration of many factors including but not limited to, the results of an in-depth sales ratio study and the accuracy of existing property record information. Every 5 years the assessors must submit property values to the Department of Revenue for review and certification.

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1. What is a revaluation?
2. Why is a revaluation necessary?
3. How are assessments determined?
4. What is Mass Appraisal?
5. What is market value (a.k.a. full and fair cash value)?
6. What if there hasn't been a recent qualified sale of my property?
7. Will all property values change?
8. How can my assessment change when I haven't done anything to the property?
9. Will I be notified of a change in my assessment?
10. How will my taxes change as a result of my new assessment?
11. Why is my single-family home valued differently than my neighbor's 2-family?
12. Where can I find more information on revaluation?
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