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Why have a local historic district in the Falls?

The Falls area of town was a center of early industrialization along the Connecticut River.  Later on it became the location of several industrial mills.  With the mills came prosperity for the Falls, and housing for the mill workers, managers, and owners.   While the mills are gone, some of the historic housing still remains.  Falls residents should rightly be proud of this visual history, not just because of its historic value, but also because it creates pride in the community and stabilizes the value of all properties in the Falls.

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1. Why have a local historic district in the Falls?
2. Where did the idea of a local historic district in the Falls come from?
3. Where would the historic district be?
4. How would a Falls local historic district be created?
5. Who would be members of the historic district commission?
6. If my house were to be included in the local historic district, does that mean I have to make it look more historic?
7. What kinds of things would be reviewed by a historic district commission?
8. Does this mean I can’t paint my house any color I want?
9. If my building were located in a local historic district and I were constructing an addition, what would I have to do?
10. Isn’t this just another level of bureaucracy?
11. What will happen to the value of my property if a local historic district is established?
12. If my neighbors and I already maintain the historic character of our properties, why do we need an historic district?
13. How can I learn more about why and how local historic districts are established and maintained?
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