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I have a street light out. Who do I contact?
Contact the South Hadley Electric Light Department at 413-536-1050 to report the issue.

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1. I have a sewer backup, what do I do?
2. The catch basin near my home is caving in / blocked, or there is a sinkhole forming. What should I do?
3. How do I get a pothole repaired?
4. I have a tree question (removal / trimming / branches), who do I contact?
5. Who should I call if a street sign / road sign is missing or down on the ground?
6. I have a street light out. Who do I contact?
7. I need to report a problem with a traffic signal / light. Who do I call?
8. I have a snow removal question. Who do I call?
9. I have a problem with rain / runoff water, from the roadway, impacting my property (a catch basin is blocked, since repaving was done, etc.). What should I do?
10. When will the street sweeper be cleaning my street?
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