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1. What are some of the benefits of receiving my bill electronically?
2. What are the benefits of paying a bill online?
3. What is Invoice Cloud?
4. What is the relationship between my biller or utility, and Invoice Cloud?
5. Is there 1 account number for all of my bills?
6. If I pay different bills (i.e. property tax and water) do I need to register twice?
7. Can I put my water bill on AutoPay, but keep my real estate taxes as a scheduled payment?
8. How does the system work?
9. Can I use an Apple / Mac to use the service?
10. Do I need to register to pay a bill?
11. Why should I register to pay a bill?
12. How do I find my account number to login?
13. I forgot my Password, how do I find it?
14. Can more than 1 person pay bills online for the same account?
15. What forms of payment can I use?
16. Can I still send in a paper check?
17. What is a service or convenience fee?
18. If I don’t have email can I still process an electronic payment?
19. Which bills can I pay online?
20. What are the costs for paying online?
21. May I pay my tax bill by credit card at the biller’s office?
22. How should I enter my credit card information?
23. How will I know that my payment has been accepted?
24. Can I use more than 1 payment method per transaction?
25. When paying by ACH transfer (electronic check), how does my payment appear on my bank statement?
26. How long does it take for a credit card transaction to process if I pay online?
27. How long does it take for an EFT (electronic funds transfer) transaction to process if I pay online?
28. How much does paying online help the environment?
29. Do I need to notify my bank or change bank accounts?
30. What information do I need to make a payment?
31. When can I pay?
32. Can I use a credit card to pay my bill(s)?
33. Can I use a debit card to pay my bill(s)?
34. Can I tell if my payment has been posted?
35. Will I have online access to my account?
36. How long will my payment history be maintained?
37. Will I be able to print a copy of my bill?
38. How do I change my account information?
39. What is AutoPay?
40. Can I cancel AutoPay?
41. What are scheduled payments?
42. Can I schedule payments?
43. Can I change a scheduled payment?
44. Why am I being charged a late fee?
45. What is a partial payment?
46. What is the difference between AutoPay and a scheduled payment?
47. What if I already have Autopay or a scheduled payment set up with my bank?
48. Who do I contact with questions about a bill?
49. I accidentally deleted my current email notification, what should I do?
50. What if this website is down or for some reason I am unable to use this site?
51. If I have additional questions or I am having trouble registering, who should I call?
52. Is my information secure?
53. Is my credit card and checking account information safe when I pay online?
54. What is PCI Compliance and why is it so important?
55. Who has access to my account?
56. How do I register?