Historic District Study Committee

Mission Statement

South Hadley has an exceptionally rich heritage, dating back to its founding in 1775. An important part of that history remains with us today, in the form of certain homes and buildings in our older neighborhoods. Some of these structures are classic examples of the changing architectural styles America witnessed as we moved through the 18th and 19th centuries. Others have special historic significance. If we don't make an effort to preserve these structures, many will be lost forever.

One approach to preservation that has worked for many cities and towns all over the Commonwealth is the establishment of local historic districts in these older neighborhoods. In many communities, the protection offered by local historic districts has also helped to stabilize older neighborhoods and encourage reinvestment in them.

The Selectboard has recognized the cultural and economic benefits of historic preservation. At its April 2nd, 2013 meeting, it unanimously approved the creation of a local historic study committee, and charged committee members with exploring the possibility of establishing one or more local historic districts in town. The committee has been exploring the possibility of establishing a local historic district in a part of South Hadley Falls.


Name Term Expiration
Francis DeToma 2022
Gerald A. Judge 2022
Cynthia Baker 2021
Pauline L. Casey 2021
Ryan Lafond 2021
Eleanor Small 2020
Eric Salus  2020

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