MEMORIES CAFE (please note - on hiatus until further notice)

The South Hadley Council on Aging will open a Memories Café on April 11, 2017. The Café will meet every 2nd Wednesday

 of the Month from 10 am to 11:30 am at the South Hadley Council on Aging on 45 Dayton Street Space is limited and reservations are being accepted.

A Memories Café is a place for people in the community with memory loss and their caregivers to come together and interact with other members of the community in a safe and supportive atmosphere. It is a place to share stores and experiences about memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. The Memories Café is a place for communication, connection and fun. We will have time to socialize with one another and also participate in group activities. Our goal is to support people with similar experiences, who may feel isolated in their caregiving, to come together and share those experiences.

Facilitated by individuals experienced in memory loss, our Café will provide support, activities, a lending library for caregivers and refreshments. Funding for the Memories Café was made possible by a grant from WestMass Elder Care. For more information about the South Hadley Memories Café call Leslie Hennessey at 538-5042, Ext 204.