Board/Committee Vacancies

The Selectboard interviews and appoints residents to boards and committees three times a year - February, June and October. If you apply for a position or vacancy in any other month, you will be scheduled for an interview in whichever of those three months is next. 

Applicants must be registered to vote in the Town of South Hadley. 

Below are the current board and committee vacancies. 

Click here to apply for appointment to any of the listed openings.

Total Number of Members
Number of Current Vacancies
Term Expiration For Vacancies
Appropriations Committee90
Capital Planning Committee90
Commission on Disabilities
Conservation Commission7 Reg, 2 Assoc.0
Council on Aging Board1122 - 06/30/2026
Cultural Council11 Reg, 2 Assoc.1 Reg., 2 Assoc.1 Reg - 06/30/2024
2 Assoc. - 06/30/2026
Historical Commission70
Historic District Study Committee70
Human Rights Commission90
Master Plan Implementation Committee931 - 6/30/2025
2 - 06/30/2026
Recreation Commission90
Sustainability & Energy Commission50
**Town Meeting Review Committee12106/30/2024
Tree Committee70
Trustees of the Old Firehouse Museum90
*Veterans' Council762 -06/30/2024
 2 - 06/30/2025
2 - 06/30/2026
3 Reg, 2 Assoc. 0

*Applicants must be a veteran to serve on the Veterans' Council.

**The applicant for the Town Meeting Review Committee cannot be a current Town Meeting member.