South Hadley owns the landfill located at 12 Industrial Drive. Management of the landfill has been under contract to Advanced Disposal since 2003.

If you detect an odor you believe is coming from the landfill please call the DEP Odor Control Hotline at 413-493-8547. Information for Odor Control Calls received during calendar year 2012 are summarized in these documents:

Flare Maintenance

June 26, 2014

The landfill flare is currently down. Maintenance and repairs are being conducted and the flare will be brought back on-line as soon as possible.

Landfill Construction

June 17, 2014

The landfill contractor will be installing final cap on the final 12 acres of uncapped landfill area this summer and fall. Work includes relocation of waste materials, installation of cap components and access roadway, and improvements to the gas collection system. Waste and landfill gas type odors may be present during construction. The work is expected to be completed by October 15, 2014.