Museums & Cultural Venues

Old Firehouse Museum
The Firehouse Museum, located in South Hadley Falls on North Main Street and operated by the South Hadley Historical Society, presents the community's long history and commemorates the firefighters who have served the community for decades. This facility is itself a historical landmark as it served the community from 1899 to 1973. Housed in the museum are displays of firefighting equipment and a gallery with exhibits that change yearly.

Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, located on campus, has a wide-ranging teaching collection of more than 14,000 objects including art from around the world reflecting a diverse collection of art eras and media.

Joseph Allen Skinner Museum

Less expansive, but no less significant, the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum was donated to the college by Holyoke industrialist Joseph Allen Skinner. It has housed his wide-ranging collection of American and European furniture, decorative arts, crafts, tools, and geological specimens. The museum is located at 33 Woodbridge Street


A variety of entertainment options are offered throughout the year, including a Summer Concert Series on the town common opposite Mount Holyoke College.

Black Cat Theater, a local community theater group, performs plays at different times during the year at the South Hadley High School.

Mount Holyoke College has several venues for concerts, dances, and other performances which are held throughout the school year. While many events are for students, many others are available for the general public.