Sewer Use Fee Bills

About Your Sewer Bill

All users, abutters, and owners of developed property which can be directly served by a public sewer are subject to a sewer fee. The owner of the property will be responsible for all sewer use fees. Tenants of rental units will not be billed for Sewer Use Fees.

Failure of the owner to receive a bill does not relieve said owner from the obligation at any time. Change of ownership or mailing address should be furnished immediately to the Collector's Office.


The rate for the sewer use fee is voted yearly by the Selectboard and is determined based on the type of service. The rate is figured on a EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) basis.

The current residential rate for FY2024 is $360.00 per EDU. A single family home is charged for 1 EDU. Multifamily homes are charged 1 EDU for each unit.

Billing Cycle

Sewer bills are issued twice a year and are based on a fiscal year. The first bill is issued in October with a November due date and covers the period of July 1 to December 31. The second bill is issued in April with a May due date and covers the period of January 1 to June 30.

Abatements / Exemptions

Requests for abatement must be made by completing the Request for Sewer Use Fee Abatement Form (PDF) and submitting it to the Selectboard within 30 days of the issuance date of the bill. The Selectboard, as Sewer Commissioners, has the authority to approve or deny sewer abatements.

Those eligible for 41C abatements on their real estate taxes will automatically qualify for an abatement on their sewer use fee. The amount of the abatement is determined annually by the Selectboard and is deducted off the second bill which is issued in April.

Unpaid Sewer Use Fees

If the fee remains unpaid after 30 days from the date of billing a late penalty shall be assessed in a percentage not to exceed the interest and penalty permitted to be charged on delinquent Real Estate Tax Bills (14%). If a sewer use fee bill is not paid by the 3rd quarter of the following fiscal year, a lien will be issued against the real estate.

Sewer fees and charges not paid on or before their established due date become a lien upon the applicable real estate on the day immediately following the due date of such fees, pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 83, Sec. 16 through 16F inclusive.