Zoning Board of Appeals


  • Martha Terry, Chair
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Christine Quigley
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Barbara Erwin
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Jacqueline Dupre, Associate
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Vacant

Zoning Board of Appeals Organization

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a 3-member board appointed by Selectboard with responsibility and authority to hear and consider requests for relief from the strict application of Zoning Bylaw and to consider appeals of decisions made by the Building Commissioner. Additionally, under Chapter 40B, Massachusetts General Laws, the ZBA hears and decides on requests for comprehensive permits. In addition to the 3 regular members, 2 associate members can also be appointed and serve to participate in decisions 1 or more of the regular members are unable to do so.

For further information email the Town Planner.

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