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Emerging public health issues compromise the health of the community and its environment. Utilizing available resources and tools can help educate others on how to mitigate these issues to protect and preserve public health.  For additional information on emerging public health issues and available resources refer to the information listed below and in the left margin. 

Public Health Resources and Tools

  • Health and Human Services- MA State Dept that provides access to medical and behavioral health, substance abuse treatment, long term services, and nutritional and financial benefits to those with low incomes.
  • Massachusetts Environmental Public Health Tracking- A portal with environmental health information and data that can be explored using various filters. 
  • Population Health Information Tool - A portal with MA health data.  Provides the ability to explore issues, map community, and compare health measures.
  • Census Bureau Data - Database of census information that provides insight on populations and economy.
  • MA Hospital and Healthcare Guide- Compiled listing of healthcare providers and facilities within the Commonwealth 
  •  Viral Respiratory Illness Reporting | Highlights of the Immunization Dashboard
    • The integration of all COVID-19 vaccination information in a single place.COVID-19 vaccination information broken down by age, sex, race, and ethnicity shared through a separate dashboard.
    • The ability to view vaccination data at the city/town, county, and statewide levels.
    • The ability to view vaccination data by age, sex, race, and Hispanic ethnicity.
    • The ability to view vaccination rates and illness levels by towns based on their rurality and vaccination equity status. 

Suicide prevention crisis hotline

Medicinal Marijuana


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