Development Review Team


  • The third Monday of each month


  • Mark Aiken
    Fire District Number 2 Water Superintendent
  • Robert Authier
    District Number 1 Fire Chief
  • Paul Beecher
    Town Administrator
  • Jeffrey Cyr
    Fire District Number 1 Water Superintendent
  • Wayne Doerpholz
    SHELD Manager
  • Richard Harris
    Town Planner
  • Sharon Hart
    Board of Health Director
  • David Keefe
    Fire District Number 2 Fire Chief
  • Dan Murphy
    Town Engineer
  • Jim Reidy
    Department of Public Works Superintendent
  • Steve Reno
    Building Commissioner / Inspector
  • Janice Stone
    Conservation Commission Administrator

The town has created a Development Review Team chaired by the town planner to review and coordinate development activities. While meetings are typically held on the third Monday of each month, they are delayed until the following week if the third Monday is a municipal holiday and may be held on a different day if other circumstances necessitate rescheduling the meeting. Additionally, after the May 18th meeting, the schedule for the balance of 2009 will be revised to meet only bimonthly since development activity has slowed considerably.

A Development Status Report is prepared by the town planner as the basis for the meeting's agenda.