Take the Pet Waste Pledge

In addition to being an aesthetic nuisance, pet waste is a source of water pollution. The Connecticut River Stormwater Committee, hosted by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, has a program that addresses this source of water pollution. One of the tools they use is a pledge to be signed by dog owners asserting that they will pick up after their dogs and dispose of the waste properly. You can find out more information and take the pledge here.

Be advised that the Town of South Hadley has a local Bylaw with associated fines for failure to pick up dog waste. Failure to pick up after your dog is a violation of South Hadley General Bylaw 194-1 Removal of Waste: The owner of a dog shall be responsible for the removal of any fecal matter deposited by his/her dog(s) on public walks, recreation areas, private property and trails on property under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission. The term “owner” as used in this Section shall include the person(s) who control(s) the dog. Failure to comply with provisions of this bylaw may result in a fine of up to $300.  

Pet Waste 1- Cropped
Pet Waste 2- cropped