Compost Area and Transfer Station Reservation

NEW: The DPW is now allowing double-booking for each 5 minute time slot.   That means 2 reservations can be made every five minutes.  


In order to open the Compost Area and Transfer Station safely, we are requiring residents to schedule their visits. Reservations for each area are taken in 5 minute increments. (8:00, 8:05, 8:10, etc.)  

Terms and Conditions:

  • Follow the instructions of attendants.
  • Dispose of yard waste and or pick up mulch and go. No loitering please.
  • Vehicle sticker must be attached to vehicle. No exceptions.
  • Stay in each of the coned off disposal areas.
  • Continue to observe social distancing and have a face-covering or mask available to you.
  • No contractors.
  • No drive ups accepted without a booked time. No exceptions.
  • Please limit your visits to once weekly.  

If you do not have a sticker for your vehicle, please DO NOT make a reservation.  You may request a sticker be mailed to you by filling out this form.

Below is the Compost Area and Transfer Station Calendar.

The time slots specified on this list for each area are RESERVED.   There can be 2 reservations for each time slot.

In order to make a reservation, make note of a date and time that has NOT been reserved (ie: that is NOT on this list) and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

If you are having trouble viewing the calendar below click the direct link below. (Be sure to click Agenda View at the top right)

Compost Area/Transfer Station Calendar Direct Link