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Application for Appointment to Board, Commission, or Committee


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  • Step One

    1. Before the Selectboard or other appointing authority makes appointments, they would like to know a little about you and why you feel you could contribute to the board or committee. Please take a few minutes and complete the brief expression of interest information below and click submit to send your application for consideration.

      You can also print and mail a written copy (PDF) to the Selectboard Office at
      116 Main Street
      South Hadley MA 01075.

      Please Note: when submitting online, when you click the "submit" button you are agreeing to read a copy of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A "Conflict of Interest" provided by the Town Clerk, if appointed, and to the best of your abilities agree to abide by the provisions of the statute. You may receive a phone call to confirm your interest in the appointment.

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      Select the boards, commissions, and committees your are interested in.