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July 2016

On the evening of July 20th, Town Administrator, Michael Sullivan, joins our Bike/Walk Committee at the Public Library as they are sworn in for this year's membership. The Bike/Walk Committee meets every third Wednesday of the month.


December 2015

Attention Voters:

Your enrollment as a voter will affect the party primary in which you can vote at the March 1, 2016 Presidential Primary.

There are four political parties in Massachusetts. If you are enrolled in one of these political parties, you will find the following letter codes next to your name in the column marked “PARTY”:

D – Democratic Party

J – Green-Rainbow

R – Republican Party

CC – United Independent Party

When voting on March 1, 2016, voters who are enrolled in one of the above parties can only vote on the ballot for that party.

Voters who are unenrolled in a party (commonly known as “Independent”) will be listed with the party code “U” in the PARTY column. Unenrolled voters and voters who are members of Political Designations (indicated by other letter codes) can choose which party’s ballot they would like to receive.

If you wish to change your party enrollment for the Presidential Primary, you must do so on or before February 10, 2016. You may change your party enrollment by completing a new voter registration form in person, by mail, or online at

August 2015

Historically, when individuals are appointed as members of boards and committees as well as public officials, an Oath is taken in the Clerk's Office as a formal statement of his or her loyalty toward serving the town. This summer, we had the opportunity to replace the basic book we had previously used to document those individuals who are sworn into their given position. We were able to contact the same company, Hobbs & Warren, Inc., that creates the Oath of Office Register for the Secretary of State. Located on Beacon Hill, Hobbs & Warren creates custom designed, hand-bound books for the records and documentation of public officials at the State House. We were able to have them create for us a new, stately ledger for recording our own town's history in a more sophisticated and formal manner. Below are some of our first signers of our new Oath of Office Record Book and it can be found displayed proudly in the Clerk's Office, Suite 108.
oath of office book
Oath of office janelle
oath book